Medu Neter : hieroglyphic alphabet & sign list of Gardiner

Egypt Decoded

5 year old school girl handcuffed in the USA
This is a must see documentary about the Belgium colonization of Congo.
Specific details are given about how 10 million people died during that regime...


Kemet & Maat : before Judaism, Christianity and Islam

Semites : Black or White ?

illuminati & Nation of Islam
Prophet of Evil = Nation of Islam scientist
Kidnapppé par l'Afrocentricité
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Death Blow to Wesley Muhammad scholarship
Wesley Muhammad lying
Wesley Muhammad Ghetto Scholarship

Setting the record straight

Amen-Ra Squad BUSTED in anonymous slander video
This is why they hate Ancient Egypt
Allah Hieroglyph HOAX
Lying Hebrew Israelite
Challenge to Christians Muslims & Jews
Archaeology & Kemet

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Kwanzaa is a plagiarized version of the jewish Hanukkah (Maulana Karenga did torture some black women)

Black Music | Shaka-Ndugu-KMT