Introduction to KEMET
(The missing link in Black History)

Overview of 3000 years B.C.E
Revealing archaeological evidence

Some of the topics:

• Truth about so-called Israel Stela
• The true face of Nefertiti
• Origin of the 10 commandments
• Origin of Psalm 104
• Origin of the Book of Proverbs
• + more to surprise you…

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Prophet Muhammad's color according to Islamic sources
Biblical parallels with texts from ancient Egypt [Kemet (km.t)]
Christianity, Jesus Christ & the Bible

Deception of Asiatic Black Men, Freemasonry, Panafrican masons (Black Masonry)
Semites : they were not Black

New Testament - Curse of Ham - Lynching - Lynchings : pictures - Maat (Ma'at) - Bible : contradictions
Black Code - Eminem racist song - Coloured man - Wesley Muhammad refuted - Gandhi - Moor means BLACK
Medu Neter : origin of the Greek & Latin alphabets
Nation of Islam : teachings of Elijah Muhammad, Louis Farrakhan & Fard Muhammad
Wesley Muhammad refuted Black Arabia hoax & the African Origin of Islam myth
Kwanzaa : Karenga plagiarized Hanukkah
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