Teachings of Elijah Muhammad

Adultery : Jesus birth

Africa was called JUNGLE

Africans are living a JUNGLE LIFE

Africans are not dignified unless Muslims or Christians

Allah allowed the devil to harm us

Arabia : Best Part of the Planet Earth

Asia : Dislike for the Black Man

Back to Africa not necessary

Bible : Poison Book

Bible will be replaced by a new book

Black Muslim Tolerance

Black Syrians FAIL

Buddhism is opposed to Islam

Camel trip to Egypt with Jesus

Christianity : Dirty Religion

Christianity is 551 years old (from 1930-34)

Christianity : Religion of Satan

Church Destruction

Elijah Muhammad contradicts himself

Elijah Muhammad's endless 1914

Elijah Muhammad was hearing voices

Elijah Muhammad was wrong

Fard Muhammad was still teaching Elijah after his departure

Freemasonry, Islam & 33rd degree Masons (Shriners)

God goes to School

God can't make a man without help

History is our God

Islam must dominate the whole entire religious world

Jesus & Moses spoke Arabic

Jesus conceived by fornication

Jesus in the Bible's prophecy is Elijah Muhammad

Jesus stabbed to death, see body for $6,000 + Pope certificate

Kinky Hair origin

Less love for Africans

Malcolm X : Death & Destruction for following him

Marcus Garvey was a Muslim

Mason : only the Qur'an will make one

Mecca is the ONLY HOLY SPOT

Moon God : Suicidal Destruction

Moses & Jesus Prophecy about Elijah Muhammad

Moses Trick

Nation of Islam Self-Hate Teaching


Native American Moor FAIL

Non Black Muslim will destroy himself

Pharaoh said Allah Akbar

Polytheist Nation of Islam's temporary God with expiry date

Prayer towards the West

Prostitutes, not Wives of Elijah Muhammad ?

Pygmy and a gang of monkeys

Qur'an will be replaced by a new book

Reverend is the devil's name

Root of Civilization : Arabian Desert

Sun, Moon and Stars : fools don't worship them

Uncivilized Traditional Africa

Unity only comes on the acceptance of Islam

White people are Gods

Whites did a great thing for You and I

Yakub : Jacob of the Bible

Yakub : SUPERIOR GOD for the last 6000 years

Prostitutes, not Wives of Elijah Muhammad ?


The History of Jesus p.20 “Jesus is Killed” Art. 8 sep. 7, 1957
The officer drew a small sword-like knife from his side (which looks like the American Hunting knife). Only this little sword is sharp, on both sides of the blade, to about two-thirds of its length. He plunged the sword through the heart of Jesus with such force that it went clear through and stuck itself into the boards that he was standing against (and left him as crucifix). By Jesus having such strong nerves, his death was so instant that the blood stopped circulating at once.

The History of Jesus’ Birth, Death, and what it means p.21 (Jesus body)
No Christian is allowed to see the body, unless they pay a price of $6,000 and must get a certificate from the Pope of Rome. The tomb is guarded by Muslims.
[…] But, Muslims, the brothers of Jesus can go to see his body at any time without charge.

The History of Jesus’ Birth, Death, and what it means p.53
Since 1914, which was the end of the time given for the devils (white race) to rule the original people (black nation), man has been preparing for a final showdown in the skies.

The History of Jesus’ Birth, Death, and what it means p.56

THE PRESENT wheel shaped plane known as the mother of planes, is one-half mile by half mile and is the largest man-made object in the sky; a small human planet made for the purpose to destroy the present world of the enemies of Allah. The cost to build such a plane is staggering! The finest brains were used to build it. She is capable of staying in outer space six to 12 months at a time without coming into the earth’s gravity. It carries 1,500 bombing planes and the deadliest explosives; the type used in bringing up montains on the earth. The very same method is to be used in the destruction of this world.
The Genesis Years p.9
It took the original machinists twenty years to build the “Mother Plane” […]
The Genesis Years p.17
The bombs are equipped with motors and the toughest of steel was used in making them. This steel drills and takes the bomb into the earth at a depth of one mile and is timed not to explode until it reaches one mile into the earth. This explosion produces a mountain on mile high; not one bomb will fall on water. They will all fall on cities. As Ezekiel saw and heard in his vision of it (Chapter 10:2) the plane is terrible. It is seen but do not think of attacking it. That would be suicide!

The Genesis Years p.162
The true religion of God is Islam and others WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

The Genesis Years p.422
A scientist by the name of Yakub discovered this knowledge (that white could be grafted out of black) 6,645 years ago, and was successful in doing this job of grafting after 600 years of following a strict and rigid birth control law.

The Genesis Years p.365
Well, we all know that there was a God in the beginning Who created all these things, and do know that he does not exist today, but we know again that from that God, the person of God continued until today in His people, and today a SUPREME ONE (God) has appeared among us with the same Infinite Wisdom to bring about a complete change.

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