For some, "lynching" comes from Charles Lynch, judge and farmer from Virginia who used to brutally punish outlaws. For others it comes from Colonel James Lynch. However it is mainly attributed to Captain William Lynch (1742-1820) originator of the «Lynch Law».
Other claim that the term comes from Willie Lynch...

Most of the lynchings had the same "scenario"; the whole town is alerted (very often the neighboring towns as well), the victim is beaten up, tortured (some will rather say "mutilated"), burned alive then hanged or hanged then burned, body parts are cut off then sold (there comes the scramble to gat hold of the "souvenirs"), pictures a taken and postcards are sent.

Do not be fooled by the movies, it was rare that the lynchings would happen at night with few people involved. Contrary, huge crowds of hundred and sometimes thousand of "spectators" would let out all kinds of exclamations to express their distraction towards such atrocities. Men women, children, policemen, judges, journalists, all social classes were there.

Those very common events lead to the establishment of the NAACP in 1909.
The Tuskegee institute has recorded 4,742 lynchings of blacks between 1882 and 1968.
Below is a list of a few lynchings in the USA :
(source : "100 Years of Lynchings" by Ralph Ginzburg)

1889, April 23 - Sam Holt, accused of murder, burned alive. 
1899, December 7 -  Richard Coleman, wrongly accused of murder, burned alive. 
1900, February 7 -  Will Burst, 19, shot to death.
1900, March 24 (Ripley). Louis Rice hanged for testifying in favour of an other black.
1900, June 11 - 2 innocents hanged because of impatience.
1901, January 3 - George Reed, wrongly accused of assault then hanged.
1901, February 26 - George Ward, lynched, burned alive for more than 2 hours.
1901, March 17 - a black woman executed because her brother was suspected of theft
1901, June 19 - 2 innocents hanged.
1902, May 23 - Accused of assault, tortured to death.
1903, July 14 - Wrongly accused, shot to death.
1903, July 27 - A black woman accused of poisoning was hanged.
1906, March 17 - (Planquemines). William Carr was hanged, accused of stealing a cow.
1910, March 25 (Pine Bluff). Judge Jones was hanged for seeing a white woman.
1911, August 5 (Demopolis). Sam Verge was lynched because his brother (wanted in connexion of Vernon Tutt's murder) was nowhere to be find.
1912, January 23 - 4 blacks (3 men and 1 woman) were hanged.
1912, April 9 - Lynched for writing an insulting note to a white woman.
1912, September 16 - An other innocent lynched.
1913, Febuary 8 - Second innocent lynched for the same crime, burned alive.
1913, February 24  - 2 blacks lynched, accused of stealing horses.
1913, August 12 - An innocent lynched, accused of trying to escape.
1913, August 27 -  Killed for hitting a white man.
1913, September 20 - Killed for asking a question.
1913, October 20 (Monroe) - Warren Eton was hanged for making an insulting remark to a white woman.
1914, February 16 (Tampa) -
John Richards was lynched, accused of insulting a woman.
1914, April 29 - Tortured for kissing a white girl.
1914, May 6 (Groveton) - Charley Jones was lynched, suspected of stealing a pair of shoes.
1914, July 14 (Lake Cormorant) - James Bailey was lynched, suspected of stealing 3 mules.
1914, November 25 (Byhalia). Fred Sullivan and his wife were hanged, accused of arson.
1915, February 24 - Killed for kissing his white girlfriend.
1915, April 17 (Valdosta) Caesar Sheffield was lynched for stealing meat.
1915, September 4 (Dresden) - Mallie Wilson, hanged for entering a room occupied by a white woman.
1915, December 9 - The mother of a suspect lynched, raped, then hanged.
1916, January 3 - Lynched for having said «Hello»
1916, March 25 - Hanged for scrambling a white girl (by mistake).
1916, October 8 (Dewitt) - Frank Dodd was hanged for insulting 2 white women.
1917, October 13 - Because he complained to his superior, he was mutilated, his sister raped.
1919, April 4 - A black soldier lynched for wearing his uniform.
1919, April 29 - Lynched for writing an insulting note to a white woman.
1919, August 28 - Killed because he asked for a better salary.
1920, May 8 - Killed because a white woman was impatient.
1920, July 7 (Durban) - Edwards Roach was hanged. Accused of assault, he was declared innocent after his death.
1921, July 20 - Explicit example of torture during a lynching.


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