Azelle Rodney
Azelle Rodney, killed by the police, 5 bullets in the head

Azelle was a rear seat passenger in a car travelling north along Hale Lane in
when at approx 19:45 the car was stopped by Plain Clothes armed Police
Officers from SO19 as part of a pre planned Operation, as the car was stopped he was
 immediately shot 7 times at close range

(5 shots to the head, 1 in the back and one in the shoulder) 2  Bullets appeared to have missed him.

    AR was shot without warning.
    All shots were fired by One Officer.

    All shots were fired using a High Velocity Semi Automatic
    Assault Rifle at close range ( HK G36C as seen above).

    Police have stated AR was never seen at any point in Time with a gun or other weapon.

    There was no return fire from the vehicle AR was a passenger in.

    There were several eye witnesses to the killing as in the Immediate vacinity
    where the car was stopped there were many Pub and Restaurant goers, this
    included a family who were within 4 metres of the vehicle when it was stopped.

    The police have said they did not know who AR was until he was Identified the Day after the shooting.

    The next day when the Family and Friends of AR visited the site they had to hose down and cleanse the pools of ARís still wet and dried blood that the Armed Police had left behind at the scene, this was witnessed by the Police Liaison Officers and was very distressing for the family.

    Information initially released by Police Sources stated that AR was seen with a Firearm, the Police have now Retracted that statement but have not announced this publicly.

Need i say that the policeman is still on duty?

There is a website dedicated to the memory of Azelle:

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