Sean Bell killed by the police, 50 shots fired !
Sean Bell killed by the police, 50 shots fired !

Community Anger At Death

New York's mayor and police commissioner are set to meet community leaders after a groom was shot dead by officers just hours before his wedding.

There have been angry demonstrations following the stag night killing on Saturday in which two friends of the victim were also injured by gunfire.

The unarmed trio were leaving a strip club in their car when officers, who thought one of the men had a gun, shot 50 rounds at the vehicle.

Father-of-two Sean Bell, 23, was killed, while Joseph Guzman, 31, is in a critical condition in hospital after being shot at least 11 times.

Trent Benefield, 23, who was hit three times, is stable following the incident outside Kalua Cabaret, in the Queens borough of the city.

Shooting sparked protests

Police opened fire after the vehicle struck an undercover officer and hit an unmarked police van.
Black activists have condemned as "outrageous" the actions of the five officers involved and an investigation has been launched.
Outside the hospital where the two are being treated, there was a rally and vigil, with some demonstrators calling for police commissioner Raymond Kelly to quit.

He is due to have talks with mayor Michael Bloomberg and leaders of the black community in the wake of the shooting.

Civil rights activist Rev. Al Sharpton said: "We cannot allow this to continue to happen. We've got to understand that all of us were in that car."
Mr Kelly said the incident stemmed from an undercover operation inside the club, which had a "chronic history" of drugs, prostitution and weapons complaints.


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