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Allah is NOT in Pre Dynastic Nubia Temple of Ptah

Runoko Rashidi DISAPPROVING Allah hieroglyph (hoax)

(quote from smuuvebrotha : A.K.A. Muslimtruthrevealed)
its NOT a 'hand'
that's? the 'description' from the egyptologist

(quote from smuuvebrotha : A.K.A. Muslimtruthrevealed)
you small minded individual...its NOT a hand!
You individuals get all? of your Nubian/Kemetic and Egyptian references from Orientalist EUROPEAN Egyptologists!
Who could NOT read or write the language, they just cananbalized the references and categorized them, they made up there own descriptions, and you negros follow them.

(quote from smuuvebrotha : A.K.A. Muslimtruthrevealed)
Afrostlyy...brought the D37 Categorization that described the reference as? a 'hand or arm with a loaf of bread'
The European says its a 'loaf of bread'....the Nubian, who speaks the language says its indicative of 'Allah'
Negros posting videos making feeble attempts to refute the Nubian!

(quote from smuuvebrotha : A.K.A. Muslimtruthrevealed)
Arabs is NO
T synonymous with Islam...
African Americans just cant get over that...Williams, Clarke and Ben Jochanan just destroyed the intellect and recognition of truth in the very souls of Africans, descendants of slaves in America.
They were paid and taught to teach hate in regards to Islam.

Same dude claiming Allah in Hieroglyphs

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