Medu Neter : hieroglyphic alphabet & sign list of Gardiner

Egypt Decoded

Moor means black & Moorish is not a Nationality

Moor is not a people, it's a color (Booker T. Coleman)

Moor means black (Umar Shabazz Bey)  

Moor means scorched (Runoko Rashidi)

Moor means Black (Prof James Small)

SECRET of the Moors : it means BLACK !!!

Moors were second class to Arabs (Runoko Rashidi)

Moor literally means Black (John G. Jackson)

Moor means black according to Runoko Rashidi (Ivan Van Sertima : Golden Age Of The Moors)

Moors in recorded history : how ancient ?

Moor is not a Nationality

Nationality means Moor ? (rooted in Latin)

Don Cheadle's Ancestors were enslaved by Native Americans

Introduction to Kemet

Semites : Black or White ?

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Medu Neter : origine of the Greek & Latin alphabets
Nation of Islam : teachings of Elijah Muhammad, Louis Farrakhan & Fard Muhammad
Farrakhan : "members of the Nation of Islam were involved in the assassination of Malcolm X"

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