Christmas : sadistic
Christmas : sadistic origin

Christmas is one of the most destructive weapons used by the European to destroy the Original people of the earth. What we see as a spiritual and jolly affair is in fact satanic to the core and is a form of mental genocide.

We, black people were taught never to question the slave master on the plantation; therefore we have never questioned what he gave us as being holy. He gave us a white god; white Jesus, white disciples and a white Christmas.

Christmas is one of the most important celebrations in the Christian calendar, yet is it not surprising that this word never occurs in the Bible and that none of the disciples or followers of Jesus ever recognized it.

According to the Bible, Mary and Joseph had to keep Jesusí birth a secret because King Herod was looking to kill the promise Messiah. There was no evidence pointing to the fact that the birth was in December let alone the 25th of that month.
This date was chosen for pagan reasons. Many of the demon gods celebrated their birthdays on the 25th December. These gods lived hundreds and thousands of years before there was a man called Jesus.

The following are just a few examples of how the powers that are controlling the masses have us celebrating that which we know not, hence the title XMAS. X meaning UNKNOWN and MAS meaning the masses of people.

NIMROD. Born December 25th. He was one of the most wicked and evil men of history. His name means to rebel against God. He had sex with his own mother and was known as the hunter of men (meaning a mass killer). Those living in the caves and hillside of Europe worshipped him. He was the builder of Babylon. When he died his mother told the masses to plant evergreen trees and put presents under them in honour of her son who is now sitting on the right side of god.

SATURN OR SATAN. This god wasworshipped on December 25th. His celebration was called Saturnalia. This was a very important part in European calendars. Thus they named a day after him (Saturday). The Europeans loved the cold, gloomy darkness of the caves. December is the coldest and darkest month of the year and they prayed for the return of the sun. They celebrated what they thought was the sunís return by having orgies, human and animal sacrifices and eating blood pudding which we today call the Christmas Pudding. 

Christmas : sadistic
European Image of Saturnalia Celebration

BACCHUS. His birthday was celebrated on the 25th December. This was the god of homosexuality, drunkenness and partying. Men use to go out on the eve of his birthday in Europe and sodomize each other in the woods, drink till they are in a stupor and return back home to beat the living daylights out of their women folk. From his name Bacchus we arrive at the present day term bachelor and Bachelor of Arts.
The above is just a few examples and believe me there are many more that can be cited and backed up as to why three hundred years after Jesus the church chose December 25th as their Saviours birthday.

Christmas : sadistic
European Image of Bacchus

source: The Investigator


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