Asar Imhotep weak scholarship

This article can be considered a follow up to “Asar Imhotep invalid claim of Hebrews in Kemet”, since more claims in that direction have been made. The transcripts (excerpts) can be heard in the video (bottom page).

Asar Imhotep:
“Based upon my research, these (Hebrews) are African people who migrated into the middle east, whose some of their stories, you know, became a part of a tradition that, you know I’m saying, was later formed as Hebrew-Israelites”

The following exchange show serious discrepancies in Asar’s methodology:

Brother Ankh: “What research is that? […]”
Asar Imhotep: “We have to separate the people, the historical people from their mythology […] the problem is that people try to identify the Hebrews based on their mythology”
Brother Ankh: “Based upon their book? I’m just saying we’re trying to identify them based upon their book. How about that?”
Asar Imhotep: “What you have to understand is that the people had to exist in order for them to even write the book, regardless of how you feel they had to exist, you know to write the book […] Whatever argument anybody’s trying to make that these people didn’t exist, you have to argue; ok who wrote this?” […]
“ So they wrote the book, you know, regardless if all of the information is fake or not”

So Asar first said that the “historical people” must be separated from their mythology. Then he said that the people had to exist in order for them to write the book. But the problem is that not only “the book” is mythology itself, but that argument is invalid for the simple reason that a book is not evidence of the historicity of a people, especially when the book date from much later time than the alleged people themselves.
Furthermore, who says that the Hebrews wrote the book?
I think that “who wrote this?” is a good question. What are the oldest records of the book?
What’s their date? What’s the language of the oldest record?
Would it make sense for anyone to argue that Santa Claus had to exist because stories are written about him?

Asar Imhotep makes another invalid argument for his claim:
“We got to remember that a lot of ancient Egyptian writings is a bunch of myths, that does not mean that the ancient Egyptians did not exist”

The ancient Egyptians have contemporaneous records about themselves (names, dates, places); however contemporaneous is the key word. When we talk about the ancient Egyptians, we don’t talk about any alleged oral tradition that ended up being written hundreds of years after the described events. The ancient Egyptian records were written during the time of the protagonists, at the geographic location were they lived and in their language (at least writing).

Asar Imhotep follows by saying:
“The best way that I can articulate the whole Hebrew situation, is just like the case of the folks in Louisiana in New Orleans […]”

New Orleans is an example dealing with migration, however it is an “extreme” one in the sense that we are dealing with an apparent natural disaster, but a catastrophe nevertheless, indeed an event that rarely happens (especially to this magnitude).
Furthermore, the historicity of the people of New Orleans was and is still well established before their relocation. Their actual relocation is also documented, contrary to the Exodus story of “the book”.

When it comes to the Hebrews, some records should be produced in order to argue their presence in the land of Kemet (ancient Egypt) first. Not just to single out some “nomads” and conclude that they are actually Hebrews. Since “they had to exist in order to write the book” then their story should be consistent with the book, miracles or “myths” aside, just like the distinction is made between the ancient Egyptian’s story and their “mythology”.

I will add for the record that most of the ancient Egyptian myths deal with creation stories and after-life matters or “death” if you will. Their day to day society’s life is extremely well documented and is not questioned because of eventual “miracles” happening all throughout the years. The temples, tombs, obelisks, houses, boats, clothes, jewelry, pottery, funerary and most important human remains speak for themselves…

Giving a 21st century event only to allege the possibility of a similar kind of mass movement 3000 years previous just does not support the allegation.
Speculating is not demonstrating…

Interestingly enough, Ankh later asks:
“ Do you have an archaeological find showing these people? […]
Asar Imhotep responds:
“There’s no archaeological evidence that says these people spoke Hebrew”
Ankh: “No, no, no, that’s not what I’m talking about […]”
“ So you can’t back it up with some archaeology, just linguistic?”
Asar Imhotep: “Yeah, it’s a linguistic argument” […] “A lot of the same deities that you have in the Hebrew Bible, you have in the Yoruba tradition of Ifa. You have to explain how the Yoruba people all the way in Nigeria had the same deities […]”

First of all, is the Hebrew Bible older than the Greek Bible? Wasn’t it in written in Greek first then later translated into Hebrew? (By “Hebrew” I don’t mean “Aramaic”)
Couldn’t we explain it the same way that people all the way in South America have Santería with its influence of Catholicism (“syncretic” religion)?
Do the Yoruba people really have the same deities than the Hebrew Bible or their deities have the same attributes?
As for the Cain and Abel story, a linguistic “demonstration” was made by Asar Imhotep previously (other date) on the same show. But the fact that some people through Africa had stories of conflicts between agricultural and pastoral people dos not mean that they are either ancestors or descendants of Hebrews. Neither does it make the Hebrew story any more historical nor relevant. So when Asar talks about
“ […] these stories of Cain & Abel, in a sense, that you find this stuff indigenously in Nigeria. And you have to explain how their indigenous stories ended in the Bible with these Hebrews.”
Once again having similar stories does not mean that there is a connection, especially dealing with agricultural and cattle matters in a time period where it was kind what money is to us today. There was surely stories and conflict of that nature, just like stories of brothers fighting and/or killing one another…

I am alarmed at this “Theological History” going on these days,
within one week I dealt with “Talmudic (homosexual) scholarship” (Fraud Bye-Bye), “Biblical (lame) scholarship” (Dr. Back Down), and now with “Torah (void) scholarship”.

One saying goes “you can’t get something out of nothing”, well Asar Imhotep gives us a clue as to why his scholarship is so empty and speculative:
my main focus in my studies has always been religious, because the religion is something that people hold on to the hardest, folks is not gonna get rid of their religion, and so the deities, their rituals and things of this nature, they are testament to their earlier History and how they approach the divine […] people don’t get rid of their names for the creator […]”

It is wrong to say that “folks is not gonna get rid of their religion” because at least the Trans-Atlantic (European Judeo-Christian) slave trade, just like the Sub-Saharan (Arab-Muslim) slave trade are clear examples of people changing their religion, forcefully or not.
It is also wrong to say that people’s religion is a testament to their “earlier History”, Theology is not History. People’s account of creation whether it’s the planet earth or the whole universe (Cosmogony/Cosmology) and the subsequent events (alleged descendance) is in no way a testament of their history, nor other people’s history for that matter (some people indeed do convert to other religions, which would obviously not be “their story”).

History is dealt with mainly via archaeology, written records (papyrus, stones, wood), architecture (temples, houses, various structures) human remains (DNA profiling) and other methods such as carbon dating. Oral traditions are taken into consideration, but they are not “evidences” on their own. Linguistic alone is neither solely “evidence”…
Once again, the fact that the story of Santa Claus can be found in many (if not most) cultures and plenty of different languages don’t make it any more true than Superman.

Just Like I hinted in my first article about Asar Imhotep’s claims, the problem is that many historians are religious (i.e.: Christian, Muslim, Jewish) and even though scholars are “supposed” to be impartial and to stick to academic methodology, that’s only in theory.
Field researchers are clear about the fact that they are digging the desert looking for findings to corroborate “the scriptures”, especially since they are well funded to do so.
But historians, scholars and researchers often pretend to have a “scientific” approach, however their faith tend to get in the way of their claims and conclusions.
For others it’s not a matter of faith but financial gain, knowing that if they accommodate believers of the Abrahamic religions, they have more changes of selling their work.
Other factors might come into play, for instance having spent years, a decade or more in a belief system (religion) only to realize the inaccuracy of the doctrines can be quite challenging, even disturbing. Then rather than just admitting that one did believe in things that are simply not true, some people will attempt to “make something out of nothing”.
Ego can be a trip sometimes…
Picture a pastor who’s been teaching the Bible for 30 years, if he was to realize that the stories of Christianity are fictional, would he tell people that for the last 3 decades he was wrong? Will he say that all this time he was teaching false stories? And considering that he was making a living teaching those scriptures, will he settle for less?
I invite the readers to ask Asar Imhotep “where you a Hebrew-Israelite?”

Asar Imhotep weak scholarship

Asar Imhotep even claims that “Hebrew is an African language” “part of the so-called Afro-Asiatic group of languages”…

Going further on a previously similar claim, Asar states:
“You’ll see that all of these names in the Bible for God are the same names for God in West Africa. How did they have the same names for God? You know, because in the earlier days they both come out of the same speech community”.

Shaka-Ndugu-KMT (www.afrostyly.com/english) April 25, 2011

Asar Imhotep : "Allah is actually in the Egyptian texts"

"Ogoun is Cain"
"Abel relates to the word Fulani"
"Abel and Fulani are the same word, they have the same lifestyle"
"Afar people [...] these are your original Hebrews"
"Then you have their own testimony that they lived in Egypt for 400 years, whether it's true or not that's beyond the point"
"Now it's my argument, in terms of the Judaic tradition that these were disgruntled ancient Egyptian priests who had a different ideology, a different way of understanding something that just didn't agree with the general consensus in Egypt, and decided to create their own thing [...]"


Shaka-Ndugu-KMT (www.afrostyly.com/english) May 09, 2011

Update December 6, 2014

Transparency. You said from your own mouth that you would write a paper (more than once if I am not mistaken), while I did write to refute your irresponsible claims and you have failed to keep your word since 2011. Do not be surprised if you are labelled a fraud by your "peers".

This is not personal, I've done the same thing with Dr. Wesley Muhammad who also backed down from the public debate that he challenged me to and later agreed to on the phone and via email.
Therefore you are not alone.

You never had the inteliigence and the integrity to address any text to me following our specific conversation. Which shows the difference between me and you.

I am glad that you have responded, because you will not be able to say that you were unaware of my 2 articles refuting your claims. And by the way, one of them (at least) was once read live on the air during one of the Amen-Ra Squad show.

You have sadly underestimated me, and now I have total evidence that you have knowledge of my articles, I never expected anything from you in the first place. My credibility is impeccable, yours is laughable.

You can take neophytes lightly, but you had a life lesson and an academic demonstration of what happens when you are being disingenuous with an logical researcher that has an efficient method, and a common sense that you are lacking.

Asar Imhotep: “What you have to understand is that the people had to exist in order for them to even write the book, regardless of how you feel they had to exist, you know to write the book […] Whatever argument anybody’s trying to make that these people didn’t exist, you have to argue; ok who wrote this?” […]
“ So they wrote the book, you know, regardless if all of the information is fake or not”
(end of quote)

You are spreading misinformation and falsehood to our people, and you don't even have the integrity to stand by your own words, I could say "shame on you" but it is to the point where it's getting pitiful.
In your own words: "you are not making any sense".
For the record, I deal with historical facts scholastically, so if you ever in your life get enough courage to be responsible, then you will know better than expecting a fellow scholar to be aware of your untitled "material in which certain claims were made". This is not a scholastic response, and I am not asking for any, I am merely being cautious enough to notify you, so that if I ever address your nonsencial so-called scholarship, I won't be speculating.

You'll know better next time you claim that there were Hebrews in Kemet.
You'll know better next time you claim that the Hebrews were Egyptians.
You'll know better next time you claim that Allah is in the Egyptian text.
Allah is an Arabic word, the contraction of al-Ilah, meaning “the God”, at the time of Ancient Egypt, the Arabic language wasn't in existence yet.

I have been kind enough and patient enough, from now on every communication that I have with you, including this Facebook message exchange will be made in public.
Consider yourself warned.

That was in the spirit of Ma'at.

Signed: Shaka-Ndugu-KMT,

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